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So, our creator has made some universal applique methods that help you with oval cuttings and saving designs over the design. This method is very popular with embroiderers because it is easy to apply. Step 1: Materials 2×1 yard fabric Silk, Nylon, Flex, Polyester, Cotton, Rayon, Chiffon, Twill, Polyester blend and others fibers Needle Polyester Thread Embroidery threads Step 2: How to Do It Here, we will show you step by step method for embroidering your designs over an oval cut. Step 3: Preparation 1) Cut your fabrics according to your requirement. 2) If you are using embroidery cotton, then prewash your fabrics, if you are using polyester, then machine wash them. 3) Thread should be good quality. 4) Pressing them to make them straight and smooth. 5) Remove the creases. 6) Cut your fabrics accordingly and place them over your design. 7) Start stitching as per your requirement. 8) Stitch them according to your design. 9) Remove the excess thread if you are using it. 10) If you are using polyester thread then stitch and remove the thread carefully. 11) Pull the thread and cut it according to the design. 12) In case if you are using cotton thread, then do not touch it while pulling the thread. Step 4: Forming the Oval-Cutting 1) Start drawing the oval-cutting line over your design. 2) Cut this oval to one side of your design. 3) For an oval cut, you can use scissors, shears or a cutting machine. 4) Make the design smooth and cut according to the requirement. 5) This method is useful for all kind of designs but it is not suitable for high contrast designs. 6) This method is good for polyester fibers and should be done before the needle-stitching process. 7) Cut the excess and remove the creases. 8) Check the size and shape of the oval-cut. 9) Using a square of fabric, make sure that the oval-cut lines are straight. 10) Now




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Stitch Era Universal Crack For Big wiajav

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