Sawyer's Newsletter - October 2020


We have new products! With the Fall season finally here, we have stocked all different Fall themed treats. These treats consist of a variety of Candy Corn, Fall Leaves, Vampire Mouth, Pumpkins, and much more. Your pup needs a Halloween Treat, especially with limited Trick or Treating this year. Don’t forget to pick up the best treats for your dog. In addition, we have new treats based off of the popular favorite owner’s drinks- White Paw, and Starbarks. The White Paw treats are packaged with Original Bangers treats to represent a fun night out, while the Starbarks are packaged with our fan favorite Donuts to help your pup get through the ruff days.

Upcoming Events:

If you do not follow our Facebook or Instagram page, continuously check out our website for the Doggie Sweets Waggin’ schedule. We will be attending over five events on the weekends in October, we hope to see you there! This weekend we will be at the Mendham Food Truck and Music Festival, October 3rd, starting at 11am. In addition, we will be at Sussex Food Truck and Music Festival on Sunday October 4th, starting at 11am. Both of these events are pet friendly, kid friendly, have food trucks, and fun for everyone!

Waggin' Schedule

Don’t Forget About our Cat Friends:

We Sell Cat Treats!

Although Doggie Sweets is named after a man’s best friend, we still love our cat friends and can not leave them out. Doggie Sweets sells cat treats! Cats have the chance to enjoy our frozen yogurts, like our pups, or they have a choice between Meowables and Cat Nip. Meowables is a yummy treat that can be given to the best cat friends anytime, while the CatNip is a small toy with treats inside that will always keep the cats entertained.

Doggie Sweets

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