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  • Do the yogurt-covered treats need to be refrigerated?
    No. You may keep them refrigerated if you want. But, they do not require refrigeration. As long as they are kept in a cool, dry place they will be good.
  • These treats look delicious, can I eat them?
    Actually, you can. These delicious dog treats are made with all natural, human grade ingredients. But we would recommend you save them for your furry friends as they are more suited to the canine palate.
  • I see some of your treats contain cinnamon.  Is that safe for my dog?
    Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and great for dogs, in small amounts. Cinnamon, in small amounts, also has many other benefits for dogs (see linked article). Cinnamon is the last ingredient in our treats, so there is a very small amount.
  • Does the peanut butter used in your treats contain Xylitol?
    Short answer: No. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in some brands of peanut butter (and other human products) and is highly toxic to dogs. The peanut butter used in our treats is, like the treats themselves, all natural. No artificial sweeteners.
  • Do you make these products yourself?
    No, Doggie Sweets does not manufacture these treats. We're not that great of chefs, so we looked very carefully and found partners who make the best dog treats! All baked treats/frozen yogurts are made by FDA approved bakers.
  • What is "local" for free local delivery?"
    Free local delivery is available in the following zip codes: 07740 Long Branch 07764 West Long Branch 08520 Hightstown/East Windsor 08512 Cranbury/East Windsor 08555 Roosevelt 08561 Windsor 08691 Robbinsville 08535 Millstone Township 08510 Millstone Township 08550 Princeton Junction/West Windsor 08536 Plainsboro 08609 Hamilton 08610 Hamilton 08611 Hamilton 08619 Hamilton 08620 Yardville
  • Can you ship frozen yogurt products?
    Frozen yogurt products can only be delivered locally or purchased directly from the Doggie Sweets Wagon. At this time we cannot ship frozen yogurt products.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Please contact us at to discuss details and rates for international shipment.
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